SEIL Action Plan

SEIL Action Plan

SEIL Action Plan

Phase One

  1. A literature review on meta-evaluation will be conducted and a meta-evaluation framework for social enterprises will be developed. Advisory meetings will be scheduled with members of participating organisations and funding bodies.
  2. The research team will consult with participating organisations, to explore: whether they have a documented theory of change or equivalent to guide their impact measurement activities; the existence, nature and types of their existing evaluation systems; the internal data sources that are or might be leveraged to support monitoring and evaluation; and supporting organisations to develop evaluation methods if they do not already have them. Where organisational theories of change do not pre-exist, a theory of change development workshop will be conducted with the participating organisation to develop this. Initial workshop discussion(s) will be conducted to inform the development of preliminary lists of common impact indicators. In addition, theory of change workshops will be conducted on an as needs basis, depending on the level of support participating organisations require to develop evaluation methodologies. All organisations will be offered to participate in a theory of change workshop, however may elect to decline if they have existing theory of change approaches in place.
  3. Key findings from individual site consultations will be formulated into a set of common indicators of impact. Common indicators will be refined during a workshop that brings participating organisations together to determine the key measures that matter for effecting social impacts through their organisations.

Phase two

  1. Meta-evaluation of the evaluative evidence of participating organisations will be conducted. This will inform the development of evaluation recommendations. It will also inform a public report on comparative insights about the contexts and social business models through which different types of impacts are produced.
  2. Meta-evaluation findings will be used to develop a categorised system to structure a prototype online data dashboard for social enterprise impact measurement. A workshop with representatives from participating organisations and up to 15 additional social enterprises will be conducted, to inform prototype refinement.

Phase three

Prototype testing and one-on-one interviews will be conducted on the revised prototype.

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