Family Life

Family Life

Family Life is an independent, innovative community organisation, dedicated to working with vulnerable families and communities since 1970.  Through effective services, support and connections, Family Life’s mission is to enable children, young people and families to thrive in caring communities. Family Life takes a whole-of-family, whole-of-community approach, to build resiliency and healthy relationships for vibrant, connected, supportive communities.

Family Life`s Social Enterprises

Bayside Children`s Contact Service (Bayside CCS)

The Bayside Children’s Contact Service is a safe, neutral, child focused venue for supervised contact visits and changeovers to occur between children and their parents, where separated parents are unable to manage their own contact arrangements without conflict. 


Opportunity Shops

Family Life operates opportunity shops at Cheltenham, Chelsea, Highett and Black Rock with the purpose of raising funds for the organisation.  These retail social enterprises are predominately run and staffed by volunteers, selling used goods donated by members of the public, including clothing, furniture and general household items.



This innovative program offers real world training in our warehouse and retail environments in preparation for future employment or study. Young people often need encouragement and access to have a go and get started. PeopleWorx provides the unique balance of professional real-world training combined with mentoring and support that is often missing in mainstream education.



Heartlinks provides relationship education and counselling services in the bayside area.


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